What is Quartz ?

Quartz is not just one of the best stone. It is the best of all stones for countertops. It's surfacing provides a nearly indestructible material, ideal for homeowners who want a beautiful countertop that they might occasionally spill turmeric on. Providing the look of natural stone with resistant to coffee, lemon juice, and Less maintenance care, its non-porous nature protects against more than just stains. it's also extremely hygienic, making it a food-safe choice.

Though quartz surfacing is sometimes referred to as "engineered" quartz, don't be fooled into thinking that you'll end up with a synthetic countertop. Expect pure natural quartz (generally upwards of 90 percent) mixed with epoxy resin binders. The care-free surface doesn't require sealants. Boasting the look of natural stone, quartz surfacing has a consistent color; its color should be very close to what you see in the showroom.

Quartz surfacing is available in colors which are not found in nature, as the crushed stone is generally mixed with pigment. Take advantage, and choose a color that dazzles while still looking like stone.

Advantages : Does not require sealants. Scratch-resistant with diamond-like hardness, you can cut on quartz (excessive force can damage it, however). Consistent color, It's non-porous nature makes it virtually stain-free, Can be worked into a decorative edge.

Heat resistant. Easy cleaning.

Disadvantages : It's a bit expensive compared to other stones.

Maintenance : Though it's important to always follow your manufacturer's specific instructions, quartz surfacing producer manufacturer recommends washing with warm water and a pH neutral, non-abrasive cleaner. Quartz flooring is highly resistant to staining. However. If it is, spread the detergent consistently on the floor. Allow the detergent to work for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with water until the detergent has been completely removed. Remove the excess water with a cloth and allow to dry.

Cost : It's a bit expensive compared to other stones. price ranges from 450-1500 per square foot. and extra for Installation.

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