Sobha Dream Acres Apartment Interior

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Sobha Dream Acres Apartments are abundant, located near Panathur Road Bangalore. Purely made of modular construction. For the modern urbanite building a beautiful interior, the apartment’s compact nature can be challenging. This 2BHK apartment is at convenient location with a contemporary design. (Interior project by

Floor Plan

This apartment make great use of open living areas to maximize the usability of their floor plans. Each one feels spacious, bright, and leaves plenty of room for family activities and entertaining guests.


Modern kitchen with clean light gray laminates from century, No extruded handle concept, customized black powder coated J profile handles which creates a black thick border look with white panels, very specific for this project. A 70cm Glen hob & standard Elica Chimney with auto cleaning. The most expensive category stone form Kaling is used as kitchen top to brighten the kitchen from a dark black wall tile.

Divider | Pooja room

Pooja Room With Partition Wall

Smart space utilization is one of the key role in interior design. If you have lack of rooms in the apartment with installing of the room divider you can make extra room, or enclose a small part of the room where you will have privacy for studying, working , etc. Whether it is a child’s room or kitchen, room divider can be a very nice detail in the apartment. What type of divider we can use, usually depends of the size and shape of the room. Above image is one such example in creative ways to divide a room for Dining area from Living room.

Partition Wall with Frosted glass

But it is not just a divider, it is also a space for pooja room. there are glass shelve to have a decoratives. Complete unit is built from natural veneers, What a beautiful way to start your day gives you inner peace and strength. And if you love natural interior design themes, you're sure to find some inspiring decor choices throughout these tours.


Now let’s take a quick look at the bedrooms, featuring the same cozy minimalism as the rest of the home. Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom is all handleless concealed to the door of wardrobe with white and veneer combination.

Living Room

TV Unit

The use of natural wood and neutral stone makes it easy for residents to change color compliments on a whim. Sunlight floods the interior. Rather than opting for a neutral white, the designer chose a soft warm hue lights for a comfortable calming effect.

You can contact the above project designer directly for any queries Here.

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