Difference between interior designer and interior contractor

Before I start sharing about differences, Many people are skeptical about this topic. not sure who are the right professionals to choose for their right job. because of not knowing, many of the interior projects go miss managed and endup with disaster won't get the project delivered as promised.

Due to highly disorganised market in interior and vast selection of materials available in the market every dream home falls on to the prays hand. this happens because of the customer mindset not able to purchase the right materials for the right job.

Many of the customer's surf plenty of image across online platforms @Pinterest, Google images etc. and ask interior professionals/nonProfessionals to get it done for a fixed low budget. this is where the situation comes to play for interior contractors since they promise to deliver the project with that low budget. But every interior designer knows that it is not possible at that low budget.

Interior designers motive is to design your home on a specific theme, colors & decor based on the customers taste specifically. this is where a process called MOODBOARD Analysis comes to play. only interior designers know how to extract ideas and analyse what design suits to every customer lifestyle with the help of Moodboard analysis.

Interior contractors motive is to make money out of that budget by delivering the project with non standard materials. not knowing anything about design and simply promising anything based on the images shown by you. easily customers get false promises, due to vast variety of materials available in the market many of them look same in photos. but touch-feel, properties, durability of each and every material is different so they are categorised based on the price.

One such example i can share with you is, take a look on below images and you won't see much differences even though there are material differences.

To know more about real wood vs fake wood click here.

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